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US Bomb, 1600 lb AP, AN-Mk 1 Mod 1, 2, 3

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Bomb, 1600 lb AP, AN-Mk 1 Mod 1, 2, 3


The bodies are of single piece, forged, machined construction, with pointed noses, parallel sides, and slight boat tailing. The base plate is of the male type. Suspension in the 1,600 pound AP Bomb Mk 1 design was by means of lugs welded to bands, the bands being positioned by grooves on the external bomb surface. The newer designs, AN-Mk 1 and Mk 33, are suspended by fittings which screw into holes drilled into the bomb case and secured by bolts. The normal box-type tail assembly is used on these bombs.

The later 1,600-pound AP Bombs Mk 1 Type were grooved to position the suspension band. Older bombs had a stud which fitted into a hole in the bomb body.

The only fuze authorized for use with the AN-Mk 1 bomb is the AN-Mk 228 tail impact fuze.

The difference between AN-Mk 1 Mod 1, AN-Mk 1 Mod 2, and AN-Mk 1 Mod 3 is in the manufacturer only; the complete rounds contain the same components and are the same in all physical aspects.

Hazardous Components

Possible fillers include:

Explosive “D" (215 lb, 97.7 kg)

Cast TNT (215 lb, 97.7 kg)

The tail fuze pocket requires the use of the granular TNT Auxiliary Booster Mk 1.

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