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US Bomb, Guided, GBU-24/B

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The GBU-24/B is an air-to-surface bomb with a low level laser guidance system. Target illumination is achieved by a laser illumination device which may be ground mounted or may be carried in a target spotting aircraft. The GBUs are used against heavily defended tactical surface targets when a high degree of accuracy is required. The GBU-24/B consists of a WGU-12/B guidance and control unit and a BSU-84/B airfoil group attached to a Mk 84 general purpose low drag bomb.

The seeker, adapter, control fins, and wing assembly are painted olive drab. The control actuator unit and the guidance electronics unit (GEU) are painted brown. Markings, nomenclature, part number, and serial number of the component parts are in black.

Hazardous Components

No information about hazardous components.

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