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US Bomb, 2000 lb GP, Mk 84

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Bomb, 2000 lb GP, Mk 84


The 2000 lb LD Bomb Mk 84 Mod 1 has a slender body with a long, pointed nose. A conical type fin is attached to the aft end of the bomb body by eight setscrews.

The bomb uses VT, mechanical, or electrical fuzes. Mechanical and VT fuzes require the installation of adapter-boosters to provide fuze seats of smaller diameters. Two conduits for an electric fuze cable harness connect the nose and tail fuze cavities with the charging receptacle cavity between the lugs on the outer surface of the bomb case. When the electric fuzes are not used, a plug is threaded into the charging receptacle cavity.

When fuzes are not installed, the bomb body has a nose fuze plug, a base fuze plug, and a support cup in the nose fuze cavity. When the bomb is mechanically fuzed, these three parts are removed and the adapter-boosters and fuzes are inserted. The nose fuze plug and base fuze plug are replaced after electric fuzes have been installed. Adapter-boosters are not used with the electric fuzes. If the bomb is tail fuzed only, the support cup must be used in the nose fuze cavity to prevent collapse upon heavy impact.

The bomb body has a base plug containing locking pins which are imbedded in the solidified explosive filler. Two suspension lugs spaced 30 inches apart and a hoisting lug located at the center of gravity are threaded into lug inserts on the bomb body.

The high-explosive filler of this bomb, Tritonal 80-20, or H-6, is identified by yellow bands around the nose and conical sections of the bomb body. The base color is olive drab; identifying nomenclature is stenciled in yellow and die-stamped on one side of the bomb body.

Bomb Mk 84 Mod 1 differs from the earlier Mod 0 bomb in that the tail fins of the Mod 1 are canted 2 degrees for added stability.

Hazardous Components

Filler is Tritonal or H-6 (945 lb, 429.5 kg)

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