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US Bomb, 750 lb Fire, Mk 78 Mod 0, 1, 2

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Bomb, 750 lb Fire, Mk 78 Mod 0, 1, 2


The 750 pound fire bomb Mk 78 Mod 2 consists of two thin sheet steel half shells welded together. It is nonstabilized and has a 110 gallon capacity. The bomb has two wells located fore and aft on the upper surface. These wells house two igniters M23 which are secured in place with igniter caps. A filler opening for the gasoline gel and the suspension lugs is located on the upper surface. Two reinforced lugs provide for a 14-inch suspension. A gasoline gel fills the bomb to 97 percent of its capacity.

There are three modifications of the 750 pound fire bomb Mk 78, Mods 0, 1, and 2. Differences exist in the construction and location of the wells, brackets, and adapters which accommodate the igniters. The Mod 0 bomb uses igniter M16 with fuze M157 installed in the filler hole of the bomb. Igniter M15 with fuze M157 is clamped externally to the aft end of the bomb in a bracket. The Mod 1 bomb is identical to the Mod 0 except for the addition of two external igniter adapters. These adapters, located fore and aft on the upper bomb surface, accommodate M23 igniters with AN-M173 fuzes. The Mod 2 bomb is identical to the Mod 1 except that it has internal igniter adapters. The wells of the Mod 2 are located higher on the bomb body than the igniter adapters of the Mod 1. The M23 igniters set in the wells are secured by igniter caps.

Hazardous Components

Filler is gasoline gel (660 lb, 300 kg).

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