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US Bomb, 2000 lb SAP, M103

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Bomb, 2000 lb SAP, M103


The 2000 lb SAP Bomb M103 is fabricated from seamless steel tubing and has a solid, semi-pointed nose. This bomb uses only a tail fuze; it has no provision for a nose fuze. A box-type fin assembly is used as on other SAP bombs.

Approximately 27 percent of the total weight of the 2000 lb SAP Bomb M103 is explosive filler, Picratol. Double suspension lugs having a 30-inch spacing are welded to the bomb casing. A single lug is located on the side opposite the double lugs.

Yellow bands on the nose and aft end of the body identify the high explosive charge. Identifying nomenclature is stenciled in black on the olive drab painted bomb casing.

Hazardous Components

Filler is Picratol (556.48 lb, 252.9 kg).

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