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All M990 series fuzes have the same external characteristics and are used with the Mk 26 Mod 0 safety device. Except for the M990C, all the fuzes are shipped with the safety device installed. These are electric, impact (instantaneous or short delay) bomb fuzes designed for use in bombs containing 3 inch diameter fuze wells and internal plumbing. They may be used independently or in conjunction with other fuzes or proximity nose elements.

The fuze consists essentially of a cylindrical aluminum housing which contains the electronic assembly, the rotor assembly and the booster. The booster end of the fuze is closed by an aluminum cover which includes an aluminum foil seal covering the charging receptacle of the fuze. When the fuze is installed in the bomb, the foil seal is broken to permit connection of the fuze plug of the cable assembly and the charging receptacle of the fuze. The Mk 26 Mod 0 safety device consists of a flanged, threaded housing assembly, a knurled assembly cap, and a spring loaded safety pin assembly. The safety device is secured to the fuze by the knurled cap assembly.


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