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Tail, Impact, M151, M151E2 (T72E1)

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The Tail Mechanical Impact Fuze M151 consists of a modified M112A1 series fuze body. The body has been lengthened to accommodate a plunger stem which is attached to the plunger proper. A transverse arming stem replaces the regular in-line arming stem. A retainer pin and spring-type lock nut have been incorporated. In addition, the M151 uses an anemometer-type vane. The anemometer-vane arming shaft is attached to the arming stem by a spring clip.

The length of the anemometer-vane arming shaft varies in length, depending on the fuze adapter used, and is considered a part of the fuze adapter. The Adapter M202 uses a 4-inch arming shaft, and the M200 uses a 7 1/8-inch arming shaft.

Depending on which M16A1 primer detonator is used, the fuze will have a 4 to 5 or 8 to 15 second delay.

This fuze contains a cocked firing pin.


Upon withdrawal of the arming wire from the arming shaft, the anemometer vane is free to rotate, and causes the arming stem to unscrew from the fuze. After approximately 12 vane revolutions, the arming stem has withdrawn completely from the plunger stem, and the fuze is armed. On impact, the plunger compresses the anti-creep spring and the spring-loaded firing pin forces the locking balls out into the enlarged part of the fuze cavity, freeing the firing pin. The cocked firing-pin spring forces the firing pin against the primer, initiating the delay in the primer detonator.

Hazardous Components

No information about hazardous components.

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