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Nose, Proximity, T50E1, T50E4

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Ring type fuze. The configuration of the fuze makes it applicable for use with GP, fragmentation, and chemical bombs of a hundred pounds or more, depending upon tactical requirements.

These fuzes are mechanically interchangeable with the Nose Fuze AN-M103; but are not tactically interchangeable with impact fuzes or with each other. If the VT Fuzes T50E1 are used in bomb sizes for which the VT Fuzes T50E1 are specified, very low air bursts will result. The same is true for the reverse transposition.

Some lots of the T50E4 cannot accommodate the Air Travel Arming Delay M1 because of a much heavier steel ring around the vanes. No delayed arming can be accomplished on these lots of fuzes. If a fuze is found with the vane locking pin gone and the vanes free to rotate, it must be considered armed and should not be used.

Vanes may be either ten-bladed steel vanes or three-bladed plastic vanes, interchangeably.


No information about functioning.

Hazardous Components

No information about hazardous components.

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