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These fuzes are a combination of the Nose Clockwork Aerial Burst Fuze M111A2 and the Nose Mechanical Impact Fuze AN-M103, in which the former fuze has been assembled to a modified body and booster portion of the Fuze AN-M103. The setting pin of the AN-M103 has been removed, and in its place the spring-loaded lower aiming pin has been inserted. The lower arming pin holds the detonator carrier out of line with the firing train until the arming wire is pulled.

The Nose Clockwork Aerial Burst Fuze M135 incorporates a time setting which can be adjusted to the nearest 0.1 second, and the fuze will fire accurately within plus or minus one second; time calibrations arc made for every half second, with a 10-division vernier scale located on the non-rotating part of the fuze for setting to the nearest 0.1 second.

The Nose Clockwork Aerial Burst Fuzes M135A1 and M136A1 are the same as the M135 and the M136, except that they incorporate a lower time limit of 10 seconds instead of 5 seconds. The minimum setting time was increased to prevent any possibility of damage to the plane by the bomb fragments. The M135A1 and the M136A1 will replace the M135 and the M136 respectively, when available. It is recommended that a minimum setting of 10 seconds be used for all M135 and M136 fuzes now in the field.


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