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Nose, Impact, M904 (T709E4), M904E1, M904E2, M904E3

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These fuzes are designed for use with fragmentation bombs, old series, new series, low drag GP bombs, and massive type gas bombs. These fuzes, in that they provide for a wider range of selective arming, and impact firing delays, are superior to older fuzes. A minimum airstream speed of approximately 150 knots is required for arming the fuze. Fuzes M904E2 and E3 delay time is marked off in 2 second intervals to 18 seconds, while fuze M904E1 has an arming delay time of 4 to 20 seconds (4, 6, 8, 12, 16 and 20-second settings).

Impact firing delay time is provided by delay element M9 (T2). Adapter booster M148 (T45E7) is required in all but the older GP bombs in order to use fuzes of the M904 series since the fuze thread diameter is two inches, while threads of fuze wells of the newer GP bombs are three inches in diameter. Fuzes M904E1, E2 or E3 may be used for impact and impact delay application in conjunction with tail fuze M905, and form the nose complement of the fuzing system. Fuzes M904E1, E2 and E3 are structurally similar. The E1 and E2 differ in their arming delay settings. M904E3 differs from M904E1 and E2 as follows: the window in the fuze body is relocated for increased visibility of the striker body with improved markings, the striker pin is hollow, and the nose housing shear lugs are reduced in cross-sectional area.


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Hazardous Components

The explosive train of the fuze consists of delay element M9, relay XM9 (2.31 grains of lead azide), detonator M35 and a tetryl booster assembly.

Booster cup assembly. The major components of this assembly are a booster lead of 1.55 grains tetryl, a booster pellet of approximately 1146 grains tetryl, a filler disc, and an aluminum booster cup. The threaded end of the booster cup is used for attaching the booster cup to the lower portion of the fuze body,

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