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US Bomb, 600 lb GP, M32

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Prior to the organization of the AN Standardization board in 1941, these bombs were designated as “Demolition H.E." bombs; under the standardization policy they were retitled as “General Purpose High Explosive (G.P.H.E.)” bombs.

These bombs may be made by any one of the following methods: (1) From seamless steel tubing in which the nose of the bomb is formed by swaging and the tail by drawing to the necessary diameter; or (2) the case may be forged in one piece; or (3) it may be formed from cast sections welded together. These bombs have female base filling plates.

This bomb has a total length of 61.9 inches and has a diameter of 15.2 inches. The case is 0.35 inch thick and weighs 265.5 pounds.

Hazardous Components

Filler is either 50/50 Amatol (319.3 lb, 145.1 kg) or TNT (336 lb, 152.7 kg).

Two built in Auxiliary Boosters M104, one in the nose and one in the tail, which contain tetryl (0.5 lb, 0.23 kg).

Since Amatol is hygroscopic, TNT surrounds are placed around the nose and tail booster sleeves to seal the Amatol from moisture.

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