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British Bomb, 500 lb GP, Mk 4, Mk 5, Mk 6

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Mk IV - The body consists of a hollow steel casting open at each end. The nose end is internally threaded to house an exploder container, which is locked in position by a locking screw. The tail end is shaped to take the tail cone, and is provided with four equally spaced slots to locate the spring clips on the tail. A male base plate threads into the after end of the body and has two threaded holes to receive the transit base bolts.

Mk V - This bomb is externally the same as the Mk IV, but has a central exploder tube instead of the exploder pockets at either end. The fuzing is in the tail only, and the nose is closed by a nose plug which has a cross cut in the end, instead of a ring as in the Bombs Mk IV.

The 500-lb. Tail No. 2 Mk I differs from the 250-lb. Tail No. 2 Mk I only in the weight and dimensions. The tail assembly consists of a tail cone with a cylindrical tail strut attached to it by four fins. It is attached to the bomb body by four spring clips.

The 500-lb. Tail Assembly No. 26 Mk 1 is similar to the 500-lb. Tail No. 2 Mk 1, differing mainly in weight and dimensions. It is used on the 500-lb. G.P. Bombs Mk IV or Mk V when carried externally on high-speed fighter aircraft, or internally on fighter bombers of the Mosquito type. The tail and fins are shorter, and it has a two-bladed arming vane instead of the four-bladed arming vane used on the Tail No. 2 Mk 1.

The bomb has a single suspension lug slightly aft of center of gravity, and secured to it by four countersunk screws.

Bomb Mk 5 was manufactured to use up existing stocks of Pistols No. 17 (long delay), which are too long to fit into the Bomb Mk 4.

The Anti-Disturbance Fuze No. 845, formerly incorporated in the nose when the Tail Pistol No. 37 was used, is now obsolete.

Tail fins are usually painted red when a time pistol is used.

The Bomb Mk 6 is made in the US and uses fuzes manufactured there to British designs: Nose Fuze Mk 7, M3; Tail Fuze Mk 5, M1.

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