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US Bomb, 1000 lb SAP, AN-M59, AN-M59A1, AN-M59A2

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Bomb, 1000 lb SAP, AN-M59


The 1,000-pound SAP bomb AN-M59A1 has a thick metal body designed to give greater penetration than a general purpose bomb of comparable weight. It is a heavy nosed cylindrical shaped bomb. A box-type fin assembly is attached to the aft end by a fin lock nut. The base plug of the AN-M59A1 bomb locks securely in place and the adapter-booster may be locked to the base plug. This bomb can accommodate both nose and tail fuzes. Tactical requirements usually nullify the need for a nose fuze, in which case the nose fuze cavity is fitted with a solid steel plug . Approximately 30 percent of the total weight of the SAP bomb AN-M59A1 is explosive filler. Bombs filled with Amatol 50-50 include a booster surround of cast TNT and auxiliary booster M104, which is inserted during the filling process. Bombs filled with picratol include the auxiliary booster less the TNT surround; TNT filled bombs do not include the auxiliary booster.

The 1000-pound SAP bomb AN-M59A1 and AN-M59A2 have antiwithdrawal pins in the base plug and an adapter booster which can be locked to the base plug. Bomb AN-M59 lacks these features. The explosive filler in bomb AN-M59 is approximately 315 pounds or 31 .8 percent of the bomb's complete weight. In all other physical respects, the 1000 pound SAP bomb AN-M59 is identical to the 1,000-pound SAP bombs AN-M59A1 and AN-M59A2.

Hazardous Components

Possible fillers include:

Amatol (292.25 lb, 132.8 kg)

TNT (310 lb, 140.9 kg)

Picratol (321 lb, 145.9)

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