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Ordnance, Explosives, and Related Items

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The first objective of this site was to post and offer a collection of public domain technical manuals and ordnance related books (whose copyrights have expired) scanned as PDF files. This collection went public in late May, 2016.

General Information, Ordnance, and Fuzes

In these sections you'll find an expanding set of individual web pages, with each page containing information for one ordnance item or subject.

The General Information section will eventually contain a glossary of ordnance related terms, links to pages on markings, color coding, foreign language alphabets/terms, and other topics that are relevant. This section is empty at the moment, but it will grow.

The Fillers section is self explanatory.

The Ordnance and Fuzes sections are much further along. Each page contains a picture, a very general paragraph on use and description, followed by a See Also portion. You will find links to similar ordnance, possible fuzing, or links to fillers. Each of these references can be found in one of the PDF files found in the Sources section. The Sources section is simply a link to each PDF file that contains information for the item. The link will open the PDF file to the specific page containing the information you're looking for.

Click on the link for the M117 and you'll get a good idea of what we're trying to do.

750 lb GP, M117

Searching this site

This site contains an index tab, and a full text search tab.